Many have experienced Heart Metta™ either in one of Sandra’s workshops or in a personal session with her. If this is your first introduction to Heart Metta™ you can sign up to receive her free ebook and begin your own Heart Metta™ journey.

While you may begin to see results when you start using Heart Metta™ on you own, it requires more training in order to make significant and long-lasting change. You can do this by working with Sandra or a certified Heart Metta™ Practitioner or take the training yourself.

The Basic Training (with Certificate of Attendance) is the first course to take whether you plan to use only for yourself or you intend to work with others. All attendees will be able to use this technique on themselves effectively after taking the Basic Heart Metta™ Training. On completion of this course there is an option to continue on to become a Certified Heart Metta Practitioner. Request more information about the Certification Program by clicking here


While no two people will have identical outcomes, most are likely to notice significant shifts including and not limited to:

  • Being able to deal with personal challenges much more easily.
  • Having a sense of inner calm.
  • Having a more positive outlook on life.
  • Having a greater sense of well being.
  • Feeling more energized and motivated.
  • Feeling better about yourself.
  • Feeling more grounded.
  • Feeling happy to be on this planet and enjoying the life you desire!


It is always exciting to be part of a new venture. Find out how to sponsor a training. Be the first to sow the seeds of the Heart Metta™ community garden in your area!