Big Love

Soon it will be the twenty second anniversary of the re-birthday of an amazing soul I have been blessed to love. This person came into my life when I was least expecting it (that’s how you get found) and he was to become my greatest spiritual teacher in more ways than I can list. Until I met him I thought I knew what ‘love’ meant - the whole ‘for richer, for poorer' part, 'in sickness and in health’, etc etc. I laugh about how if I was to see his profile photo on a dating site I would most probably never even meet up with him for a coffee! Our ‘chance’  meeting (no such thing right?) happened when I was invited up to the cottage of a friend of mine one August Bank holiday weekend. As it turned out, her cousin was there too as his father owned the cottage together with my friend’s mother. I didn’t initially  pay much attention to this guy who looked like a combination of Jesus and a biker but after we had both been snoozing on opposite ends of the front porch he asked if I’d like to go for a walk around the island. Well, very long story short that was the beginning of my coming to understand big love. This was a guy with the most amazing blue eyes who pointed out butterflies who was already showing me the divine in everything. I left on the Sunday while everyone stayed behind for an extra day and as I got into the boat back to the mainland I decided to give him my phone number and address for reasons completely unknown to me at that time! The next evening I had decided to go over to this same friend’s house for dinner and low and behold after dinner he shows up saying he had decided to go to St Catherines and since his cousin's was on his way he had dropped by to say hi to her.
I later found out that he had driven forty-five minutes to my place, saw I wasn’t home and since his cousin was only another twenty minutes away he decided to go see her and there I was!
Three months later we were having lunch together in Toronto when a thought flashed through my head that I would be marrying him ( strange thought at the time) and three years later indeed that came true.
Why am I writing an article about this I ask myself? I think I am doing this partly to publicly thank this soul for showing me what big love we have inside that we are capable of sharing and partly to let you know that big love can come in unexpected packaging! Also, while we never know how much time we may physically have with anyone, I have come to understand that love never dies. The love we generate stays forever and never fades when we allow ourselves to be Big Love.
I came across a song yesterday that instantly resonated with me. Marc Maingard wrote this song and in it he says
Loving ain’t easy,
Who said it would be,
All that is you put in
Is what you get out …

Here is the song:

I have found this to be so true. The only thing I would add is with all that you put in, you may be amazed how much you get out of it and the getting seems to keep coming!
I dedicate this to Nick who gifted us two wonderful daughters and their sister Kirsten who stayed in other realms, a caring father and my dearest friend.
And I thank the Universe (aka the good Lord in this song) who is always present with Big LOVE.
Love never dies.

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