Blissing In

This past week seems to have been a mixed bag of energies with moments of joy and laughter for some and deep anxiety for others or a mixture of both!   Several people I talked to this this week mentioned that they seemed to be more tired even though they were getting the same amount of sleep. A few people told me their anxiety level had become much higher and they didn’t really know why that was happening . People seem to be experiencing more disconnection from others and frustration energy seems to be at an all time high. It is easy when times are trying to want to escape and space out, in search of that elusive state of mind we call bliss. As a result I have noticed that more people are distracted and ungrounded. Instead of being able to go with the flow and handle situations with equanimity many are distracted and close to overwhelm. What can we do when our thoughts seem to be more focused on challenging situations than pleasant ones?  Those of you who mediate will be familiar with quieting you mind and restoring calm that way.  Several people have learned the SWEET method to clear their energy fields and retire harmony. If you are interested in finding out how SWEET can help you, please email me and I’ll be happy to give you more information.                                                                                                            
It is important to remember when meditating, or simply redirecting your thoughts, to stay in your body instead of going out to find a state of peace. You may have noticed others who seem spacey and ungrounded and you may even have had moments yourself when it has been difficult to pay full attention to what you are doing as it feels like you are ‘elsewhere’. This is because the 'blissing' has occurred outward instead of inward. 

I have learned that blissing in is far more productive. Here’s a quick exercise for those challenging moments and it is it fast and user friendly. Preferably, find a place where you will not be disturbed. Yes, it can even be the washroom when that is the only place to get privacy!  If privacy is not possible eg you are on the subway and suddenly feel more anxious you can still do this. See if you can do this with your eyes open. If you are unable to do that, start with your eyes closed and then  do it again with your eyes open. 

Place your hand over your heart in the Heart Metta position and think of anything that makes you happy. It can be a place, an event, whatever you can think of that brings a smile to your face.


Soak in that feeling.

Breathe it in again.

Now let that feeling  spread to every cell of your body, every atom of every cell.

Breathe in calm. Exhale discomfort.

Allow yourself to stay in this calm.

Allow your body to soften.

Allow yourself to keep this feeling of calm before you go to your next activity.

Allowing is the key as when you force yourself to do it, that may only bring in more tension.  I recall   watching a person drawing blood from a nervous patient and hearing her yell “Relax!!” How can the person possibly relax with someone yelling at them when they are already tense?

Allowing is the key and that is a biggie! There are so many reasons why the allow button may be shut off. The good part is that it can be turned on again with some gentle investigation and healing aka a Heart Metta session or sessions in some cases.

How about joining me and contributing to a brainstorming list of ‘bliss in moments’ that may assist others? I welcome your comments.
May you find moments to bliss in today and every day.