Looking Forward

How does one keep positive when surrounded by negative news, alarming information and being unable to literally move forward without any restrictions? Perhaps restrictions were always in place and we didn't notice them as much because there were more options available. For example, visiting another country and being allowed to stay always had restrictions. You may have been allowed in with a visa for a short vacation of a few weeks or three months or even six. While it may have been a preference to stay for a longer period, it was understood that the duration of the stay was stamped in a passport and unless an extension was granted the departure date was to be upheld. Right now, there is no duration of stay restrictions, instead entry to many countries is still limited to residents so travel to those places is out of the question. A natural way of being positive is to let go of disappointment and frustration and hold the idea of “ I look forward to when…” That is certainly more healthy than holding on to frustration and anger and disappointment. Most would agree with me when I say energy follows intent. So, intending for what you desire should serve to feed the positive. I have discovered that it really is about the energy of the intention. Saying one is looking forward to something while feeling frustrated and disappointed with your present situation actually means you are paying interest to the bank of disappointment and frustration. What is more effective energy-wise is to look at the present circumstances, acknowledge how you feel and then do the work to dissolve the charge. Often simply acknowledgement will dissolve the charge, fighting or suppressing unwanted feelings can make them stronger as when you push them away, they push back, sometimes even more strongly. There are times when we can handle this on our own and work through it and at other times we may need the assistance of another person to show us a different perspective. In addition, looking forward to change is positive unless your energy and focus jumps to the future and stays there. Things look great in the future and yet day to day events show little or no change. My ever handy question comes to mind: what energy is required to support change? In this case I would suggest these steps: A) own what you find upsetting and work through it to dissolve the charge. It is unnecessary to like what is happening in the moment, it is helpful to stop hating it. B) Ask what you can do in the present to make the present less undesirable. You may amaze yourself how creative you are when you put on your ‘present solutions’ hat. C) Ask yourself what this opportunity of learning and discovery your present situation is offering you. You may be getting a big picture message that you have yet to see!  And as you open up to the possibility that positive change is possible even when things look pretty well cast in stone, you may look around and find a gem of a pebble right by you that you can pick up and polish into something awesome. What are your strategies for positive change? I’d love to hear them. If you prefer to answer privately instead of posting below, feel free to email me via the contact form on this website.

Photo by Daniel Lerman on Unsplash

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