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Embracing Change

When I was a kid I heard this joke: two caterpillars were looking at a butterfly flying past them and one said to the other: “You’ll never get me up in one of those!” Fast forward to me at the age of twenty-seven facing making a life-changing decision where I…

Testing the Waters

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a networking meeting and one of the topics that was suggested for discussion during one of the break-out sessions was “What do you do to test the waters?” I thought that was an interesting question as my immediate response to that…

Divine Timing

If we were to ask people what the words Divine Timing mean to them I imagine we would get a variety of explanations. In Cantonese I have heard the worlds ‘Tien on pai’. My take on it is ‘as arranged by the Universe’. When I was a teenager there was…


You know the feeling. You wake up feeling fatigued and there isn’t much you can do to feel better. You are tired and you don’t know why. It feels like you can’t get your vitality back . Discover SWEET, a fantastic way to improve the energy in your life! SWEET is an energy clearing method for the modern world. SWEET stands for Self-Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique.

Solar Eclipse and New Moon Energies

This Thursday some of us, weather permitting, will be able to see the solar eclipse which occurs with a new moon. Not being an astrologer, the perspective I offer comes from a place of being aware and sensitive to energies and frequencies, and I intuit what may be expected and offer ways to deal with these frequency shifts.

Heart Metta Playshop: Getting out of our own way.

Do you feel stuck? Are things progressing at a much slower pace than you desire? Do you feel unsure about how to go about changing your present circumstances? Is your present situation ‘okay’ and yet you feel it could be more fulfilling? Are you ready for more clarity and direction and a leap in a more positive direction? Join Sandra for this three hour online Heart Metta Playshop:Today I am getting out of my own way!

Basic Heart Metta Training – 8 weekly classes

Are you tired of trying all sorts of self-help programs that don’t seem to be effective? Getting fed up with same old, same old, all talk and no progress? Still searching for a user-friendly modality where you can begin to see shifts within yourself almost immediately? Are you ready to stretch and grow in the direction you’ve only dream about? Join us for this brand new way to learn Heart Metta™ from the comfort of your own home.