Divine Plan, Prayers and Action

Many years ago, I was at attending a sacred geometry class and one of the other students who was a Jesuit priest said to me “you are so devout”. I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about as to me the idea of a devout person was someone like Mother Teresa and I couldn’t have been more different! If anything I thought I was sacrilegious, having referred to Archangel Michael as Mike in former years! I asked him what he meant, and he said “ you seem really connected to the Universe and living in Divine Accord” Okay, if that meant I listened to my intuition and that was what I followed I agreed with him. So what is this Divine Plan? Is it some sort of ‘Arranged by God manifesto?’ We hear people say “Thy will be done” ,“so be it” , “Tien on pai” in Cantonese. There is one extreme of being completely  passive waiting for the Universe to bring you what you want and the other extreme of living in stress trying to make things happen. I read a quote the other day which said something like “ tell the Universe what makes you happy, it cannot guess!”
In years past, I would be sitting in the restaurant of the Universe, feeling hungry and thirsty and wondering when I would be brought what I needed.  The problem was I had forgotten to place my order and what’s more, I had not realized that when we reach for a menu it is blank and we have to fill in the items offered! So we find ourselves hoping for something and wondering - could I be that lucky? These days I am no longer passively waiting and wondering. I am a much better communicator and I realize these outcomes have nothing to do with luck. Luck is about winning raffles and lotteries. I realize the only thing in my way of achieving what I want is myself and each day I am less and less in my own way. I believe there is a plan, one that we co-create! And yes, Divine Timing does seem to play in my life. Instead of wishing, hoping or praying for someone or something to help make something happen for me,  I thank the Universe for showing me how to achieve what is already there. What is required is follow through! All the best ideas in the world are worthless when we doubt ourselves and when our allow buttons are all turned off and when we are too passive. It is quite a skill to understand that ‘allowing’ is far from passive. In the restaurant of the Universe, first we have to create the menu - what is on yours?