Divine Timing

What is Divine Timing? Some believe in destiny – the stars align for a certain event and it takes place. Others may believe it is all in God’s hand and whatever happens is the will of God and will only occur then. Others believe in fate, it is cast and there is no escaping it. To me, there is no right or wrong answer, it is a matter of what resonates with us. In my own experience I have found co-creation exists for me. We can work at manifesting what we want, when we want it, as much as possible and if we are resonating at a matching frequency amazing events occur. When it is out of alignment, we can work on the Law of Attraction as much as possible and nothing seems to shift!  

I personally have not found some higher power dealing out good or bad stuff. Instead I have discovered that when I clear limiting beliefs and when all is in harmony, my outer reality shifts. Emphasis on the ‘when all is in harmony’!  So what exactly do I mean by Divine Timing? This has nothing to do with dates, it is about a matching frequency when the wheels of change, like gears, are all lined up so that a sequence of events occur and they are in alignment with Universal Laws. When we say one thing and resonate with something else, there is a mismatch and what we are resonating with is what occurs. We may think “oh I really want this now” and actually have an unconscious belief that it will never happen so guess what? The unconscious belief is our attraction quotient and it never occurs.

In the past when something did not happen I would analyze what went wrong, asking myself how my timing was wrong or what was in my way. There have been several occasions when hindsight has shown me nothing went wrong! My mind’s idea of what would be best was actually different from what really turned out to be the best. Divine Timing isn’t simply about the right time for something to occur, it’s also about the ideal way in which it is to occur. So many times I have seen people sacrifice their authenticity and their values while in pursuit of what they thought was important to them. Then when they acquired those things they found they weren’t any happier than before. What are you finding elusive in your life right now? It will occur when all is in harmony and in alignment with Divine Timing. It is in harmony with Divine Timing when your inner reality and outer reality are one, when the main screen of your movie and the sub-titles match. Divine Timing occurs when we acknowledge our own divinity and live in accord with the Universe and when we celebrate our authentic selves.  Sounds so simple and yet we can make it so complicated! The good thing is we have ways to get ‘uncomplicated’. This is where using Heart Metta can assist us to get clarity and insight.

One more tip regarding the timing of events. It is important to pay attention to our thoughts.
I recall how for years I wanted to improve my account record keeping and although over the years it did improve somewhat. Yet, come tax time, I would file my taxes and say “Next year I will be better at this”. It was only a few years ago that I realized that I was saying ‘“Next year”. So of course it never happened! Once I realized that, I changed my intention to “ I am changing the way I do my accounts now!” Since then , my accounts have been all up to date with no effort or resistance on my part. Who would have thought changing one thought would change my behaviour so much! And I am happy it  has been long-lasting without any effort on my part. I am simply motivated to do it! In the upcoming Heart Metta playshop. ‘Getting out of our own way’ we will be addressing where we are out of sync with Divine Timing as well as getting insight into whether our sub-titles and main movie match. Naturally, during times where we are bearing witness to other people’s challenging times this can be very distressing for us. In this case it is about understanding the Divine Timing of others and honouring where they are on their journey and supporting them through it. It may seem like is it our movie when in reality we are only the best supporting or un-supporting actor in their movies.

Where are you in this moment in your life? Are you allowing yourself to be in the flow of Divine Timing? Are you co-creating with the Universe? I’d love to hear from you.