Embracing Change

A few days ago I asked my WhatsApp group what change they would like to embrace this year that they thought would be the most challenging for them. Several people replied and there seemed to be a similar theme running! Many were anticipating changing jobs, changing roles or moving house. There is going to be a lot of flow and movement this year for sure. The other common theme was one of improving communication in personal relationships. With so many lockdowns and having to work from home it has certainly brought all of us many growth opportunities as many have had to spend a lot more time with family than in previous years. I will pose the same question to you - what do you think is the most challenging change you desire to embrace this year?  I’d love to hear from you so feel free to add your comments below. Often simply writing something down gets the ball rolling! And by sharing our thoughts we have the opportunity to support each other.
Some are already having to embrace changes they did not desire or anticipate and the best way we can assist people who are experiencing unwanted challenges is to see them being able to surmount them. If you yourself cannot imagine how they will manage, I encourage you to use one of my favourite phrases” “even though I may not have a clue how they are going to get through this challenge, I choose to see them managing well in spite of my doubts and concerns”. When we hold that thought we send energy of encouragement and support instead of fear and worry.
As you start to think about the changes you want to see happen, it is helpful to check in and see how much you really want them. Manifestation occurs much more rapidly and easily when the number for agreement with a statement is 100%. When we only half-want something we water down the energy and may wonder why something we want is yet to happen. One way to check to see whether all of you is on the same page is to place your hand in the Heart Metta position and say the statement out loud ( eg I want to find a new job) and then ask yourself how much you agree with that statement. When I run through this with clients, they are often surprised when they find their number of agreement is low. To get this number higher you can use the steps in Heart Metta to shift your belief system. If you are unfamiliar with Heart Metta you can email me using the contact form and I’ll be happy to send you an ebook to get you started. There will be more Heart Metta trainings this year and I will post the information on this website once the dates are confirmed. At present all courses continue to be online only.
If you feel like participating in a group playshop to get answers to some of your questions you are asking yourself I will be hosting a three hour playshop on Saturday January 29 with the theme of Embracing Change and Welcoming in the Year of the Tiger. More details will be available soon.
My very best wishes to all of you for a year of embracing many positive changes!

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