Equinox, Balance and Harmony

To those of you celebrating a Spring Equinox, and to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are heading into winter with an Autumn Equinox I send warm greetings!
The Equinox is a time of equal day and night and a time of introspection. We are reminded of the Light and Dark within ourselves, the aspects we admire and the shadow parts that show us where we have room to grow. In order to transform, the shadow comes to the Light and certainly as we grow through this global shift in consciousness we are getting to see so many shadow parts coming home to roost  and be transmuted.
These days with so much unrest going on we may feel at a loss as to how we can have a positive influence on our outside world. In addition to practical ways we can assist others by providing physical  support may I suggest we take a moment to turn inward to check to see where we are focusing our energy. After all, we are part of the collective and how we are adds to the collective soup. Stay calm  and ... is a wonderful philosophy, often easier said than done! Sound healing is a very effective way to attune to a better frequency and what better time than now to bring in more balance and bring in more harmony within so that we can regain  our equanimity to better deal with the outside world.
Here is a video to remind us all that deep within we all have what it takes to do  just that.

May all who walk this Earth be free from suffering.

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