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A Special Gathering


  Happy August! To celebrate our new community you are invited to join us on zoom for a special event! This is not a workshop, not a playshop, simply a fun event with a visit from our invisible assistants. This is a unique opportunity to connect with our co-creators and like-minded souls. Time : 10 […]


Mining the Gold Within


  Everything you need is already inside you   You may have already read this or heard this several times and yet your life may not be the way you envision it. The motivational speakers may have not mentioned ‘ Everything you don’t need is also inside you!’ Often our fears, both known and hidden, can […]

Introduction to Heart Metta: Expanding Prosperity


We have all seen the cost of living rise, especially over the past two years. Are you still waiting for your cash flow to be better? Do you have lots of ideas on how it could be improved and yet putting those ideas into action is a different story? Do you desire a job change […]