Full Moon and Call to Action

The last full moon of the year is December 19 and for the past few days I have heard from several people that they have felt more emotional or situations have become more intense. We may attribute this to the present pandemic situation with numbers rising globally and general fatigue with the challenge that appears to be unwilling to go away. I also sense with this full moon we are being reminded to do our final internal housekeeping for this year.
Usually the full moon is an ideal time to make your list of what it is you wish to discard. Notice this is about ourselves, it is not about eliminating a person you’d rather see out of your life.
We are used to goals we have for a new year - what we what to achieve or attain. Full moons are about listing the events and energies that no longer serve us and then getting rid of the list.  What do you want to change for yourself - what would you like to decrease? Frustration?  Impatience? Fears? Lack of Motivation? Intolerance? This is the ideal time to make that list of all the events and situations that are energy depleting instead of energy supporting. After you have made your list, either shred it into tiny  pieces or safely burn it. (Please include the appropriate fire prevention actions if you are going to burn it.)
Burning the list or shredding it often gives us the physical support of intention. It is an indication that we are inviting ourselves to take the steps to bring about positive change.
I am already sensing that next year is about embracing change and truly letting go of any idea that somehow things are going to be back to what they were a couple of years ago. Embracing change can be a positive experience even when it  is unsettling  when we are unaware of what the future will bring. You can settle yourself by taking an active role to bring about positive change instead of simply hoping things will turn out better. This morning I was hosting a class and one of the topics was standards to develop for yourself. Reading some old notes as I was preparing for this class I came across these sentences paraphrased from a coaching academy:
“Standards are what you do for yourself or behaviours to which you are willingly to adhere to. To live without standards is to place yourself at the whims of chance, others, and the world.”
Allow this full moon to be a time to review the standards you want for yourself - where are you compromising your honesty with yourself, your integrity? The list is much longer than those two items and if you find you are attracted to so some more internal housekeeping with assistance, feel free to contact me. According to my intuition, this particular window of opportunity for change will start to shut down on February 2, 2022, the second day of the lunar new year. This does not mean change is impossible after that, of course it is. Right now the winds of change are blowing at their most efficient, making for much easier sailing.  And the energy of this full moon is providing a lot of support for that. Will you make your list and take an active step towards positive change? I’m grabbing my pen and a piece of paper and starting now!   

with thanks to Kirk Carr for allowing me to use his photo. 

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