Greetings from the farm

People often ask me how I can be equally comfortable on our farm in Prince Edward County or in busy cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo. First of all I make sure ‘all of me’ knows where I am! This may sound a bit strange to some – as you become more familiar with managing your energy field you can check to see if all of you is present in the same place and time zone. I have met some people who enjoyed a vacation so much they left a part on vacation and then thought they didn’t get over jet lag 🙂 

The next step is to check to see if you are ‘in harmony’ with where you are. We all can sense that the ‘vibe’ of a busy city is very different from being in the countryside. These tweaks of frequency are easily done and do not require complex training. Right now I am planning a series of webinars on Practical Energy Management and will keep you posted when it is ready. One simple tip to really enjoy where you are is to notice what appeals to you instead of missing what is available elsewhere.

This morning I stepped out of my back door and immediately noticed the beautiful fragrances of lily of the valley and lilac. The air was still and heavy with these rich scents. When I’m in New Zealand I love the smell of the salty ocean air and Hong Kong? Well in Hong Kong you can enjoy the gentle fragrance of the bouquets of jasmine offered by a flower vendor and just thinking of it now is making me salivate – delicious veggie dim sum!
I wish I could attach the scent of these lilacs to the photo!

Happy June from The County and see you in Hong Kong and Tokyo next month!