Heart Metta Playshop: Getting out of our own way.

Do you feel stuck?
Are things progressing at a much slower pace than you desire? 
Do you feel unsure about how to go about changing your present circumstances?
Is your present situation ‘okay’ and yet you feel it could be more fulfilling?
Are you ready for more clarity and direction and a leap in a more positive direction?
Join Sandra for this three hour online Heart Metta Playshop:Today I am getting out of my own way!
Discover what may be holding you back from achieving your aspirations and if you feel lost, come and find yourself and get insight regarding your authentic self and what makes your heart sing. Clear obstacles in your way during the playshop, no need to wait until later!          
What happens in one of these playshops?
While no two people have the same experience, be prepared to learn how you can easily and quickly dissolve what is in your way as Sandra guides you through a process known as Heart Metta. In addition there will be sound healing.
Anyone can join this playshop and no previous experience is necessary.

Date and Time: May 22,2021. 9:00AM EDT. Click here to convert to your time zone
Investment: 110 USD
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