Is the future cast in stone?

Recently I came across a BBC series in their Reel section discussing this very topic. It gives two equally convincing theories: one that the future is already predetermined and that the future has already happened in the block universe and the other theory indicates that there are variables and infinite possibilities of the future in the block universe. One suggests we have no free will at all even though we appear to make choices and the other suggests infinite possibilities of outcome depending on our choices. I have heard the phrase ‘cast in stone’ many times in my life. Destiny is predetermined and it’s up to us to make the best of whatever happens to us. From a very young age I challenged the thought that I had no free will at all and added another sentence. Okay, the future is set in stone, I could agree with that. What if there was more than one stone? What if I could pick up a different stone that would send me on a different trajectory? Which stone are you picking up? The one of fate, a predetermined destiny or one where you actually co-create your future? I have accepted that things have happened in my life and may continue to happen that may not be what I fully desire. I was once asked by a spiritual teacher what my opinion was as to why so many unwanted events had happened in my life. My answer was “I guess at some level I agreed”. He had an interesting option that had not occurred to me and asked me “who said you had to agree?”  What if we could co-create a  different future where we could learn without having to suffer? The concept that we have to suffer in order to raise our consciousness seems to be be very prevalent and certainly carved in history! Lots of suffering in this world and many lessons learned and sometimes it seems, no lessons learned at all.

My understanding these days is yes, it’s all about energy and it’s all about frequency. Have you noticed the patterns that occur on good and bad days? On a good day, you may wake upon with plenty of time to get ready for work. You arrive at the bus stop and the bus is just pulling up. You smile at other passengers and they smile back. It’s overcast and starts to rain just as you enter the office building. A glitch comes up during your work day and is easily solved. You get the picture.

Here’s another version of a day that isn’t so great - you oversleep and rush out the door without even having time for breakfast, you run to the bus stop to see the bus pulling away and you miss it. The next bus comes in pretty good time but seems to catch all the red lights and as you’re getting off the bus it starts to pour. Good thing the office is close and you’re not thoroughly soaked but pretty damp all the same. Most people seem frazzled and work seems to have more hassles than usual. You are impatient for the work day to end. While I may have exaggerated the two scenarios I imagine you can relate to both situations. Which channel are you choosing to tune into - the energy plus frequency or the energy minus? So how can we work with the days where we may oversleep or wake up anticipating a not so great day? How about resetting the channel choice from the get-go?

This is where a quick Heart Metta moment can assist you with shifting your frequency. Step one: “ I am feeling rushed as I overslept." Step two: “Even though I overslept I can still make up for it and start the day on a more positive note." Step three: “ I am free of the need to make this ruin my day”, and so on. A quick reset goes a long way as it gets us on a different vibrational level  and in my opinion, onto a different trajectory. Although it is really simple in theory it is an acquired skill to be able to notice the frequency shifts and do something about them in the moment. Just like learning a new language, with more practice comes fluency. The more we exercise our frequency shift muscles the more we get adept at co-creating and seeing an outside world that is more to our liking.

In the block universe I am still work in progress in the co-creation department and am working on the biggest variable - myself!

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