It’s Wednesday and It Could be Monday!

Looking online I see so many memes that show pictures of grumpy cats or frustrated people because it is only Wednesday and not Friday. For sure there are often times where someone is in an undesirable job out of necessity - mouths need feeding and no bank ever says “ hey, let us take care of your mortgage payments this year!”
It makes no practical sense at all staying at home waiting for the ideal job to fall into our laps and worrying about how to afford even basic groceries.
So yes, many times you may find yourself in a job that is less than ideal and the reason to stick it out is to be financially responsible and practical. The phrase that comes to mind is “be careful you are not so spiritual that you are no earthly good”. I recall visiting someone in New York who had no running water in her kitchen at all as she was waiting for some god to magically repair the plumbing. In her case, it wasn’t about affording a plumber, she was in a rental apartment and could have called maintenance to come and fix it. She was waiting for some god to change her circumstances. I found that out when I asked her why she had not called to get it repaired. She told me God was testing her faith. And for sure her faith was being tested as it had been months that she had been going to the bathroom to get water to cook with and wash her dishes!
There are times where people know they want out of a job and they can afford to move however the unknown is too daunting and the many ‘what if's” become a huge insurmountable obstacle. Other times an inner voice may say “ why could I be that fortunate?” My reply to that voice is “why not?”
My mother, being a single mom who had four kids to support, instilled in me from a young age to have a career so that I could be financially independent and support myself. I did achieve that and what I discovered was even when I didn’t ‘have to work’ because there was sufficient family income to cover what we needed I did because I loved my job!  That not needing to work changed when my husband left the planet when my daughters were teenagers. I could have taken a job I was offered simply to make ends meet and yet I knew I was to follow my passion and stick to that plan even though financially it would be less rewarding than taking what was offered. I am happy I had the courage to do that and there were times where I felt I had to remind the Universe that I had expenses coming up very shortly! Somehow that worked out and I would earn enough to cover those expenses. I am getting an idea now for another article on how we can progress to the point where the funds are already there to cover any upcoming expenses without getting that close to the wolf being at the door and we can earn more than enough.   Prosperity and disposable income is truly a state of consciousness in my opinion and I am happy how some things seemingly unaffordable can miraculous appear quite affordably! I have also discovered that applying Quantum Business Principles when a solopreneur makes a tremendous difference. It was that discovery that lead to my creation of a six month Quantum Business Principles training for other people who are self-employed. 
It is Wednesday and I am happy it is Wednesday.  I choose to resonate with the happy dog in the photo above. I don’t have to wait till Friday or the weekend in order to be happy.
How about you? And what’s more, if Monday is a day where a smile turns into a frown because you have to go to work, will you allow yourself to explore what other job alternative you would like?
Your comments below may inspire another reader -  I invite you to share your thoughts. 

Image credit Joe Caione on Unsplash. 

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1 year ago

My problem is don’t know how to find my passion … I observed that many people have this problem too… Sandra, would you please write more about how to find it ? Thanks