Love and Gratitude!

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I write this first post of news, knowing this website will be live when you read this. What started out as a message that it was time to share Heart Metta more broadly and train other practitioners is now a reality with more practitioners joining us globally several times a year! My thanks go to Rebecca Sweetman for all her assistance and patience and reminders so that we could get this website off the ground. (“Mom, please give me the copy, then I can complete it!)

My thanks also go to all the students and certified practitioners of Heart Metta for their dedication to be of service to people all over the globe. Please return to this site to see who the Certified Heart Metta Practitioners are in your area as the list is revised several times a year.

My biggest lesson on this part of my journey is that is truly is in Divine Order to keep going even when ideas seem lofty or impractical and my biggest discovery is that when we really believe that events can happen contrary to what our brains believe is possible, the doors to the impossible open wide and magic happens.

This journey is proving to be more and more fulfilling each day and I thank the Universe for reminding me to stretch beyond my rather mundane comfort levels and to be open to all sorts of coincidences and wonderful opportunities coming my way ‘out of the blue’.

My all who walk this Earth be happy and free from suffering.

With Love and Gratitude,