Making Friends with an Inner Rebel

Last week in one of our classes we discussed our intentions for this year and also talked about goals to assist our intentions to become reality.  I shared some of the actions that I have taken this year to assist with manifesting my intentions.
For someone who has a law abiding nature I am a person of contradiction as I seem to have a very strong inner rebel. An example of my law abiding efforts was running back to the car to put more money in the meter when only being five minutes late. And more than once, the meter attendant was there before me and I already had a ticket! My inner rebel would think I was crazy to even have bothered and I would feel bad that I had not noticed the time and gone back to the car sooner. Lots of lessons to learn about that reality!
There are many other times where my other unhelpful aspects show up and perhaps next time I will write about my procrastination queen who seems to have mostly retired allowing me  to be much more productive than when she was at her most powerful.
Do you have an inner rebel, one who balks at actions you suggest? One of the most annoying verbs you can ever use with this part is “Should” as the answer (at least in my case) is "you’ve got to be kidding!"  I have found that my vocabulary and the energy I have when I am suggesting something to myself makes a huge difference. Being naturally intuitive and loving spontaneity, my inner rebel resists any kind of planning unless it is a surprise party for someone! One time my very organized daughter was trying to assist me with planning my days so that I could be more productive. Knowing it was unlikely that I would follow a time schedule she organized each day for me with activity ‘blocks’, for example I had options of writing in the morning or afternoon. That worked only for a very short time as it was still too predictable. I went back to my daily ‘to do’ lists on scraps of paper and most times ended up spending more time looking for that scrap of paper! The phrase ‘be careful you are not so spiritual that you are no earthly good’ really applied to me. I spent lots of time dreaming about things and planning projects with very little follow-through. Thanks to my using Heart Metta on myself I got to know my inner rebel and found out what she needed in order to feel happy listening to the rest of me.
This may sound absurd and yet this tiny shift helped me. These days I have moved away from productivity apps or scraps of paper or using an old fashioned agenda. I have managed to appease my rebel part and am using a spiral bound notebook. On the cover I have written the title ‘Actions’. At the beginning of each week I list actions I want to take for the week. Each evening I list the items for the next day that have a deadline as well as ones I choose to do that day. When it comes time to start on my list I start with the one  I want to do the least as it feels so good to be able to cross it off the list! Also we are much more motivated to start on tasks we prefer. This simple change in my approach to my tasks has made much more of a difference than I ever imagined. I am happy to report that since I started using this method the only items on my list that are to be carried over to the next week are actions that recur on a weekly basis.

Do you have a method for dealing with your inner rebel if you happen to have one?
Would love your thoughts, please comment on this.x

It is a full moon again today and the ideal time to let go of what is in your way of embracing positive change. Not sure what you can do for this?  Here’s a video I posted on YouTube suggesting how we can use the energy of the full moon to assist us with shifting to a more positive frequency. Since it is a previous full moon recording the exact full moon time is different from the video. The recording is still useful as the exercise mentioned is the same for any full moon. On this day of February 16,  the peak of the full moon occurred at 11:57 am EST.
May all our inner rebels be ones that serve us!


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