Mama said…

Some of you may have heard of the song that starts with  ‘Mama said there’ll be days like this’ - it’s a real oldie (1961) and this morning as I sat down to write it popped into my mind. Hearing that in my head took me back to my pre-teen youth club days, now that’s really going back in time! I was having a good morning, lots of sunshine, all was bright and cheerful so I wondered why those words popped into my head. The song is about a person who is reminded by her mother not to worry about how she was feeling when good things were happening to others and she was waiting for her good times to come. Perhaps it was the energy of the day that triggered it. It is a full moon today and for those of us who like to observe moon cycles, a full moon is a time to consciously let go of unwanted energies, be they habits, patterns or situations that no longer serve us. Back to the song and ‘days like this’. It’s all fine and good to acknowledge there will be bad days however the song perhaps needed a sequel. Perhaps that mama forgot to tell her offspring what to do when there were ‘days like this’. No matter how centred and grounded we are, they will be days where our outer world challenges our equanimity. Parents with young children may have those sleep deprived times, our plans may be thwarted due to circumstances beyond our control and relationships may have their challenges too. So how do we get out of overwhelm or underwhelm when it appears that no immediate solutions are in sight? While there are the obvious solutions of seeking assistance from others, what if assistance is not immediately available? Many people may suggest prayer - what if prayers appear unanswered? You may have already thought of the solution of self-help: here is something that, in my opinion, is worth cultivating. Like any new language, it takes practice to attain fluency. This is the language of what I call the inner oasis, the inner calm. When your mind is racing with worries and concerns, it is easy to forget your inner wisdom. No matter how busy you are, you can find time for one minute of contemplation. One minute to place a hand over your heart and tune inward to find the oasis of calm in the middle of the desert chaos. One minute to tune into something that makes you smile. One minute to think of what you may find magnificent. In that one minute of tuning into a higher frequency you have an opportunity to change channels, an opportunity to remember that ‘days like this’ can be different. That different vibe may only last one minute to begin with. That is still a good place to start creating your oasis as with practice the minute turns into two, and two into three and so on. This really helps stop worries and concerns from taking over and causing even more stress. The larger your inner oasis, the smaller the desert becomes. There may always be gritty moments in life, and with practice those can simply become temporary grains of sand under our feet, soon to be washed away when we next shower. Do you have your own version of an inner oasis? A sequel to the ‘Mama said’ song?  I welcome your comments and emails.

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