New moon, new beginnings…

Recently I broke an old pattern of procrastination. I am not sure when that old pattern was established; whenever I created it, I did a really good job!  Often we go into our heads to analyze, dissect and  cross-examine all the reasons why we do or omit to do something. I have discovered the best results occur and habits and patterns change when I ask myself this one question: “Does this attitude and behaviour serve me?”  When we decide it no longer serves our best interests and our best interests matter it is a lot easier to shift to a new way of thinking and behaving. When we change our internal reality, our outside world changes too! Traditionally, new moons bring us the energy of support for change and  support for new beginnings. I started a journal many years ago to write down my intentions each new moon and it is amazing how many of the items on my new moon ‘order list’ have actually happened! Yeah, yeah, we know the road to hell is paved with good intentions so how do we avoid ending up at an undesirable destination?   This is what has worked for me and many of my clients and as you look at each item on your  list, with your right hand in the Heart Metta position, ask yourself these questions and see what your agreement number is out of ten:

1) Do I really want this, in my heart of hearts?
2) Do I really choose this?
3) Do I feel I deserve this?
4) Do I believe it is possible?
5) Do I believe it will happen? 

I have found from my experience that the desired outcomes occur when the answers to numbers 1-4 are 10 out of 10.  The manifestation magical percentage for number 5 is 7.5 out of 10. It is fine if you don’t totally believe it will happen until after it occurs, the tipping point in your favour seems to be 75%. When your numbers are lower, it does not mean things won’t change, they may simply take a lot longer. So how do we get those numbers higher? By working with Heart Metta you may find the root causes of the limiting beliefs and dissolve them. As well, it is important not to get stuck on wondering how these things will occur. And when doubt wants to rear its scary head I have found it is really helpful to remind myself: “Even it takes a miracle before this can happen, I fully allow myself to accept miracles in my life!”  I really like this quote: “Miracles do not happen contrary to Nature, they only happen contrary to what we know of Nature” ~ St Augustine.

So many articles have been written on manifesting – “just see it as if it has already happened”, “just fake it till you make it”. What if that doesn’t work? Chances are the numbers I mentioned before aren’t adding up yet.  Emphasis on the “yet”. There are times working on this on your own doesn’t bring the desired results, no matter how many affirmations are made, no matter how many visions boards are created! That’s when it is helpful to take a new approach and get a different perspective. I am in the process of making more of my articles and telecasts available online and when completed there will be an easy way to access them. In the meantime, do contact me using the form below for more information on how I may be able to assist you.  Happy New Moon! Happy New Beginnings!