Self-Care and Wellness – A SWEET perspective

If I were to ask a group of people what their idea of self- care was and whether they thought this was important, I imagine I would get all sorts of answers, some similar and some completely different. Sometimes we are in alignment and other times, in our efforts  to assist others or in being over-achievers  we may end up off track. I see some people who are running on empty energy-wise and they say to me, “but I look after myself, I buy myself anything I want, I have my spa days and I exercise even when I’m exhausted.” For some who for example, overdo it at the gym, instead of getting a recharge, they deplete themselves even more and get more stressed out when they haven’t reached their performance goals. Self- care in this case might be taking time out to enjoy a gentle walk in Nature. Any new parent knows what sleep deprivation looks like and that comes with being a new parent. It’s not like you can tell a baby to feed herself because you want some sleep. But what about those other times when someone asks you to go to a movie and all you want is to go home and rest? Do you say yes because you don’t want to look like an unsupportive friend or are you authentic and say you’d  really love to go some other time and right now rest is a priority?

What is self-indulgence and what is self-preservation? What comes to mind is the safety announcement you hear every time you board a plane: “Please put on your own oxygen mask securely before assisting anyone else, including children.” Are you busy helping others with their metaphorical oxygen masks while you are on the verge of being comatose? Or, are you ensuring your energy needs are being met adequately before you assist others.

Most of us are aware when we are physically, mentally or emotionally fatigued unless we are pushing ourselves into oblivion. What about energetically? Do you know when your energy field is compromised and when you have mopped up other peoples energy junk? Are you aware of your energy being drained by an individual or an issue? If you find that all your efforts to recharge still leave you tired or no amount of sleep seems to replenish your energy, you may find that checking out your energy field may be the best self-care you can gift yourself.

Are you familiar with this or is this a whole new area for you?

For more information on how you can identify energy  distortions and depletions and rectify them you can click here to read about SWEET (Self-Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique).

SWEET is easy to learn, takes hardly any time at all and is an excellent way to maintain biofield integrity. A clean, clear energy field means you feel good!

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Here’s to feeling upbeat and full of vitality!