September Equinox 2021




For some, this Autumn day is the harbinger of a time to be more introspective, recharge and gather energy for the rest of this year as well as the next one.  Others in the Southern Hemisphere are welcoming Spring, a time of renewal and new growth. Whether it is an Autumn Equinox or a Spring one, this day and the days to follow for the remainder of this month are days to review what is in balance in your life and what it not. This review is not to be one of self-judgment, rather it is one to use your talents of observation to see what has been working and what has caused more stress and disharmony in your life. This is about balance at all levels, none being any less important than the other. 

How are you handling your physical challenges right now? Are you choosing to see solutions rather than problems? Are you taking care of yourself as much as you can? Are you aware of how to maximize your potential for a healthy life? What is your healthstyle? 

What about your emotional health? Are you willing to reach out for support when it is required? Are you allowing that support when you do reach out? Do you see it as a source of strength and courage when you reach out or do you like yourself less for being what you call weak or less capable? It takes courage to acknowledge vulnerability. It takes courage to allow assistance while still taking responsibility for each step you take in this lifetime. 

What about your mental health? Are you overthinking? Are you present and grounded or scattered and easily swayed by the opinion of others? Is your mind at peace with you or are you arguing with your inner self?

What about your spiritual needs? Are you taking time each day to acknowledge the sacred in you or is life too busy pulling you in all directions? It is possible to devote some time for  yourself even if it is only a few minutes in a day to reaffirm your connection to all that is and to breathe in peace and harmony and exhale all that takes you away from the light that you are. Cultivating a daily practice no matter how simple and no matter how small, adds fuel to the spark of you. It allows your inner wisdom to find a voice and guide you. At times it may be the only thing that assists you to see a bigger picture, to see that a time will come when all challenges are met with much more vim, much more vigour and the mountains that seem too high to climb can be scaled with ease and grace. 

May this Solstice bring you more balance and a new beginning of greater ease with dealing with whatever comes your way. 

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