Solar Eclipse and New Moon Energies

This Thursday some of us, weather permitting, will be able to see the solar eclipse which occurs with a new moon. Not being an astrologer, the perspective I offer comes from a place of being aware and sensitive to energies and frequencies, and I intuit what may be expected and offer ways to deal with these frequency shifts.

Some people can breeze through life totally unaware and seemingly unaffected by energy shifts. At the other extreme, some people are such energy sponges and so empathic that they really have to make sure they check what is theirs and what originates from elsewhere in order to ensure they are not adversely affected by energy distortions, depletions and frequency shifts. This is easy to achieve once you have acquired the tools to do so and anyone can do this, no intuitive or ‘psychic’ gifts are required. One such tool is a protocol I developed called S.W.E.E.T ( Self- Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique) and I will be offering a two part online class next month where you can discover how easy it is to maintain a clear energy field. It is important to understand that when it comes to energy field integrity most people are affected to some degree or other, and often these energy distortions or depletions can show up as fatigue, discomfort or even pain that goes away immediately when the energy field is cleared.

So what has all this to do with solar eclipses and new moons? This Thursday is the ideal time to look inward as the frequency shifts happening now are supporting us in many ways. I like to look at these as ‘windows of opportunity’. We can address these issues at any time of the year – it is simply that the energies that support us for these shifts are at their strongest and highest resonance right now.  Avocados came to mind – you can open one and find it is a little hard still or you can open it and find it is too soft for your liking and then there’s that perfect time when you are delighted (if you happen to like avocados) when you cut it open and the texture is exactly what you like. Divine Timing!! So this Thursday, with a solar eclipse and new moon, is the Divine Time to get clarity on what you want to manifest (new moon ritual time ) and also an ideal time to check with yourself to see where you may be diminishing your own Light (solar eclipse).

For those of you unfamiliar with new moon ceremonies and how to prepare and clear your limiting beliefs, feel free to contact me for more information on how you can do this every new moon. This is a great way to enhance your manifesting skills where great dreams become a reality!  Got questions? Please list them in the comments below.