Songs and Miracles

For the past two days a song sung by Annie Lennox has been going through my head all day long. I woke up with it and went to bed with it and it is still playing in my head now. For copyright purposes, I am only able to provide you with the song title ‘The Miracle of Love’ and not all the lyrics. I did the research and it appears it is legal to link to a YouTube video as providing a link is different than quoting. The lyrics are very relevant to this article ( and why I was hearing this song in my head) and you can hear the song with lyrics with this YouTube link
Since the song continued to hang around I took the time to revisit the lyrics to see what message was being conveyed to me. This is a festive season, the grandkids are all excited singing Christmas jingles so what were my guides wanting to convey to me about pain and how to remove it?  While this is a happy time of year for many, it is also a time we are reminded of the ones who won’t be here this year during our holiday season. Some have passed on and  many are falling ill and while they may not be seriously ill, it certainly has curtailed visits with family and friends. Sudden changes seem to be happening everywhere  - some wonderful and others more challenging. The miracle we have inside of us is our capacity to love, not the romantic kind, to me that is love and I am talking about LOVE. It is heartfelt and warm, invisible and yet not intangible. It is something we experience when quiet inside, even in the midst of loud outside chaotic energies. As we step into this quiet inside LOVE we can marvel at all the good in spite of all the unwanted challenges. We do not need to feel lonely when we are reminded we have this divine capacity to share and care not only with others, also with ourselves.  Whatever is happening in your life right now, joyful or otherwise I send you LOVE. Today I was reminded from Higher Guidance that we are supported in so many ways. I watched a clip of a grandmother so relieved as rescue workers placed her two grand babies in her arms. She has wrapped them in blankets and put them in a bathtub for safety just  before the tornado hit in Kentucky. The house was demolished and babies flew (with bathtub) and ended up under a pile of  rubble. Both babies were unharmed and returned to her arms. Elsewhere many are far less fortunate. May the miracle of LOVE continue to be with you and all who walk this Earth . May this Earth also experience the miracle of our LOVE. From my heart to yours, Sandra

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