Synchronicity, Serendipity, Universal Networking and Random Acts

I know people study game theory, people have jobs doing risk assessment, they review as much as possible carefully and make decisions based on their findings. I sense I have a different kind of ‘game theory’. Some of my loved ones call it my being ‘woo-woo’ (an upgrade from ‘whacko’ from previous years). I hesitate to give it any kind of label. What I am very comfortable with is listening to my intuition. This is something that was always there, something I often ignored when I was in my teens as it seemed too daunting at times. In recent years, the few times I ignored it I found out really quickly that it was unwise to have done that as ignoring it brought me unwanted consequences. So how do we go about developing this skill? Last week I mentioned that I would share some tips on how we can develop this. Before I go into that, I’d like to share a neat thing that happened this past week. It was apparently such a ‘small’ intuitive decision and yet it lead to a wonderful event. Some would call it synchronicity, others may say it was serendipitous. Was it the Universe having a networking moment or simply a random act? To me, it doesn’t require explaining the how’s or why’s. What happens it what matters. When I was getting ready to publish my blog a couple of weeks ago, my attention was taken to this word on the page: Publicize. This is something I had never particularly noticed before. I’d press ‘publish’, my blog post would appear on my website and that would be that. Job done. That time though, once my attention was taken to this word ‘Publicize’, my intuition chimed in and said “yes!”. So I changed my settings. I did not give it another thought, did not wonder why I was to do that nor did I have any expectation as to what that would do. My only thought was ” I guess it’s time to post this in additional places’. Fast forward to last week when someone from that ‘additional place’ said he noticed and read my post and it spoke to him and we got to reconnect. The last time we were in touch before this week was in 2012 in Hong Kong! He is now is the US and I’m in Canada. Had I ignored that ‘click publicize’ moment we would have not reconnected this week. Are you aware of situations like this where you may be ignoring something that is being offered to you? Do you get a ‘hunch’, an intuitive ah-ha moment and then ignore it? I feel that developing one’s intuition and access to inner wisdom is less about acquiring skills and more about clearing obstacles that are in the way of allowing the access. I remember reading one of Carloyn Myss’ books , Anatomy of the Spirit back in the nineties where she said something to the effect of “intuition is not a gift but a skill, a skill based in self-esteem’. That made a lot of sense to me. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would you listen to your inner voice? ‘

In order to hone the skill of intuition the first step that may assist you is to ask yourself : on a scale of one to ten, how much do I believe in me? How much confidence do I have in myself? This is not about how well you can accomplish certain tasks, nothing to do with being good at something. It’s more about being your own best friend or your own worst enemy. When you spend a lot of time focusing on your ‘inabilities’ they seem to get worse, not better! As you focus on the positive steps you have taken, more opportunities arrive to add to this bank of possibilities. Owning our stuff is important as that is how we get to move forward. Once we own it, we can work through it and dissolve it.  And as we dissolve the old misguided beliefs and lack of self-worth, our inner voice finds a place to be heard. The more we are our own best friend, the less we have to rely on others to boost our ego, and needing the approval of others no longer has to be an issue. There is less need to have to prove anything to anyone, even yourself. What if it is still hard to be your own best friend? Enlisting the assistance to get through this may be helpful. Sometimes all it takes is listening to one webinar, one podcast and you may find the keys to doors that were previously locked shut. Other times ,especially when these are deep-rooted issues, it may take a series of sessions to unwind the tangled ball of wool of misguided beliefs or necklace of self-doubt. When you are ready, the person to assist you with this will appear. Perhaps this person has already appeared and you have yet to notice? Are you ready for the next step of your journey? This is the perfect opportunity to let you know I will be hosting a Heart Metta Playshop on May 22 with the theme ‘ Getting out of my own way’. More information will be coming about that online event next week. My reason for choosing the photo for this post? I sense there are all these cogs in the wheel of Life and when we connect and engage, a series of events follows.  Any thoughts? I welcome your feedback! 

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash