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Is the future cast in stone?

Recently I came across a BBC series in their Reel section discussing this very topic. It gives two equally convincing theories: one that the future is already predetermined and that the future has already happened in the block universe and the other theory indicates that there are variables and infinite possibilities of the future in the block universe. One suggests we have no free will at all even though we appear to make choices and the other suggests infinite

Divine Timing

What is Divine Timing? Some believe in destiny – the stars align for a certain event and it takes place. Others may believe it is all in God’s hand and whatever happens is the will of God and will only occur then. Others believe in fate, it is cast and there is no escaping it. To me, there is no right or wrong answer, it is a matter of what resonates with us. In my own experience I have found co-creation exists for me. We can work at manifesting what we want, when we want it, as much as possible and if we are resonating