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Even such is time

the rainbow connection

When I was thirteen I learned a poem in school by Sir Walter Raleigh that became one of my favourites and back then I didn’t really know why. Today, as I sat down to think about what to share here, this poem into my mind. A lover of books I…

What’s the point?

The Little Engine That Could – most of us are familiar with that story. Keep on going and eventually you will get there. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, again. All those affirmations and people suggesting to you “Fake it till you make it”. These sound so good in theory, getting everyday results we want may not be easy at all and affirmations could even have a detrimental effect because they appear so far from the existing situation!

May Peace Prevail

For the past several weeks a group of us have gathered each evening to focus on the intention of promoting  peace and harmony to an area we hold dear to our hearts. In view of recent events I have been guided to offer something a little more tangible like clearing…

Heart Metta™ Book Now Available in Japan

I am thrilled to announce that my book on Heart Metta™ is now available in bookstores in Japan. People have been asking me for years whether I have any books published and my usual reply was: “the book I started in 1998 and never finished?” Although I have contributed articles…