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Divine Timing

If we were to ask people what the words Divine Timing mean to them I imagine we would get a variety of explanations. In Cantonese I have heard the worlds ‘Tien on pai’. My take on it is ‘as arranged by the Universe’. When I was a teenager there was…

Synchronicity, Serendipity, Universal Networking and Random Acts

I know people study game theory, people have jobs doing risk assessment, they review as much as possible carefully and make decisions based on their findings. I sense I have a different kind of ‘game theory’. Some of my loved ones call it my being ‘woo-woo’ (an upgrade from ‘whacko’ from previous years). I hesitate to give it any kind of label. What I am very comfortable with is listening to my intuition.

New moon, new beginnings…

Recently I broke an old pattern of procrastination. I am not sure when that old pattern was established; whenever I created it, I did a really good job! Often we go into our heads to analyze, dissect and cross-examine all the reasons why we do or omit to do something. I have discovered the best results occur and habits and patterns change when I ask myself this one question: “Does this attitude and behaviour serve me?” When we decide it no longer serves our best interests and our best interests matter it is a lot easier to shift to a new way of thinking and behaving. When we change our internal reality, our outside world changes too!