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Message for 2022

2021 has been a year of stretching and growing and we have seen that in a multitude of ways.  For anyone used to sticking to a routine it has been challenging as events seem to change from one moment to the next. Long term plans rapidly became short term and…

Full Moon and Call to Action

The last full moon of the year is December 19 and for the past few days I have heard from several people that they have felt more emotional or situations have become more intense. We may attribute this to the present pandemic situation with numbers rising globally and general fatigue…

Looking Forward

How does one keep positive when surrounded by negative news, alarming information and being unable to literally move forward without any restrictions? Perhaps restrictions were always in place and we didn’t notice them as much because there were more options available. For example, visiting another country and being allowed to…

Pro-peace or anti-war?

  These days we seem to have many situations which incite protestors and many challenges to surmount. I am not sure if they are more abundant or whether it is simply that protestors now have so many more ways more ways to be visible thanks to social media platforms and…

Worries and Concerns

There may be challenging moments in our lives where one would have to be a robot not to be worried. You may be given really scary news that could be really alarming. I’ve been there and somehow some part of me went “okay the outcome looks really dreadful and yet maybe it won’t be as bad as they say.” And sometimes, the outcome may be as unwanted as predicted. If anyone were to tell me nothing unwanted ever happens, in my opinion we must not be on the

Mama said…

Some of you may have heard of the song that starts with  ‘Mama said there’ll be days like this’ - it’s a real oldie (1961) and this morning as I sat down to write it popped into my mind. Hearing that in my head took me back to my pre-teen youth club days, now that’s really going back in time! I was having a good morning, lots of sunshine, all was bright and cheerful so I wondered why those words popped into my head. The song is about a person who is reminded by her mother not to

Is the future cast in stone?

Recently I came across a BBC series in their Reel section discussing this very topic. It gives two equally convincing theories: one that the future is already predetermined and that the future has already happened in the block universe and the other theory indicates that there are variables and infinite possibilities of the future in the block universe. One suggests we have no free will at all even though we appear to make choices and the other suggests infinite

What’s the point?

The Little Engine That Could – most of us are familiar with that story. Keep on going and eventually you will get there. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, again. All those affirmations and people suggesting to you “Fake it till you make it”. These sound so good in theory, getting everyday results we want may not be easy at all and affirmations could even have a detrimental effect because they appear so far from the existing situation!