Testing the Waters

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a networking meeting and one of the topics that was suggested for discussion during one of the break-out sessions was “What do you do to test the waters?” I thought that was an interesting question as my immediate response to that question was “I don’t”.  I am not a reckless person so how is it that it seems I dive straight into things without ‘testing the waters’? I think it is because my natural state is one of using my intuition - that is the way I test the waters and it requires no action at all. It is a state of being. This makes it much easier to start something without spending a lot of time ‘testing’ if something will work or not. I proceed when my intuition says yes and when my intuition gives me a no, I move on. I don’t really spend a lot of time on the ‘why’s and why not’s’. I work on a need-to-know basis as I feel  we can get too caught up analyzing the story. Does working this way always give me the results I expect? I’d love to say yes, and of course, realistically this is not so. However the times it works out the way I expect far exceed the times things have turned out differently for me. I recall a time when I had the idea of hosting an after-work meditation class to give people an opportunity to experience a different kind of happy hour. My regulars still came to the class and the people who preferred to go to bars continued doing that. I wasn’t disappointed, I realized after the fact that my approach had not worked for those folks and that it didn’t need to.
Doing the network meeting last week it was no coincidence that the person I connected with  to discuss this topic during that particular break-out session laughed when I told him I don’t really test the waters so to speak and he replied “Neither do I”. We may have been the only two people that evening who thought that way and as serendipity would have it, we were matched up for the session. This was yet another moment of reassurance that when we are authentic and appear to be swimming in a whole different ocean, the Universe reminds us that it’s totally fine and other like-minded souls will find you. I don’t think we have to be particularly gifted to be intuitive. I feel we all have that inner heart wisdom, it may simply be a muscle we have yet to flex or exercise more often. And, just like a language, the more often we use it, the more fluent we become.
If you feel you have yet to hone that skill, the means to do that will come when you are ready.
Next time I will let you know about some upcoming online classes that will assist you on that journey if you’d like to explore that further.

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