What do you see?

What do you see in this photo – a pretty yellow flower with nutritious leaves for a salad or a weed? One person’s salad addition is another person’s weed. You could pick this out of the ground and enjoy it or be upset this flower is growing where you hadn’t intended. What is your daily attitude when life isn’t exactly the way you’d like? Is it energy enhancing or energy depleting? 

I was talking with a friend the other day and she was mentioning how she was feeling really lonely and of course, especially during these times, we may be feeling the void created by of lack of socialization. While she was talking about how terrible it was to have to eat alone all the time, I thought about my noisy mealtimes accompanied by lovely high energy grandsons aged 3 and 5 and how right now a silent retreat looks pretty attractive! 

All a matter of perspective, right?  Live in the moment, they say, live in the now, enjoy the now. These all sound pretty good suggestions to follow if the now is one’s idea of the ideal. What if conditions are less than ideal?  Ah, Law of Attraction people say, just sit there and imagine it and it will happen. What if one’s imagination is lacking? I do believe we can shift our realties and we can change our mindset. Sometimes the outer shift happens almost instantaneously and at other times, it can take a lot longer. What I have discovered it that there will be some tiny thread to hold on to where situations are tough and as we work on ourselves we discover that tiny inner thread is like aircraft cable – hardly  visible and yet it has the strength  to bear the weight of hundreds of pounds.  As those words came into my head, I looked up the properties of aircraft cable.  I read several articles and then came across this: “When evaluating the best solution for a given installation, most of the time there is an existing solution. Using the right part for the right application will yield superior system performance and improved system reliability.”( found on https://www.lectromec.com/4-aspects-of-wiring-selection-for-special-aircraft-applications/)

This speaks to me : when evaluating the best solution, most of the time there is an existing solution… Using the right part for the right application will yield superior system performance.

We can apply this pretty well to all situations we are facing right now, paying attention to solutions instead of  problems. Our mind may feel solutions are evading us, our intuition and heart wisdom will show us other practical options are possible. For me, an easy solution right now to that noisy exterior is taking a breath and stepping into the inner peace of me. That is available no matter what my outer life looks like. Also, I can allow myself to enjoy silence knowing that in no way does it make me love my grandsons any less! I am so grateful they are healthy and strong and do have lots of energy. That is a mega plus!  

As for my opinion of dandelions? Whether they are really important as the first food for bees or whether that is a myth, I don’t mind them at all in our yard. To me they are really pretty! Right now we have bluebells popping out all over the front yard and I love it.  Note to self to snap a photo when the dandelions arrive!

Are you allowing your heart wisdom to come through to show you the solutions to your problems?

Next week I will post some ways we can assist ourselves to access this inner wisdom.