What’s the point?

The Little Engine That Could – most of us are familiar with that story. Keep on going and eventually you will get there. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, again. All those affirmations and people suggesting to you “Fake it till you make it”. These sound so good in theory, getting everyday results we want may not be easy at all and affirmations could even have a detrimental effect because they appear so far from the existing situation! Persevere, they say, and it will get better. What if there comes a time when all that ‘efforting’ gets tiring or overwhelming and we find ourselves saying “what’s the point?’ If you happen to find yourself in one of those “what’s the point” moments , here’s the point that has kept me going during those times we all wish were long gone. The point is I don’t think anyone of us has a ‘suffer destiny’.  We may have made a vow to suffer somewhere along the way and that could be keeping us in the suffer channel. I have discovered that for many, the energy of monastic vows is not imaginary and I have seen people turn their lives around when these vows are rescinded!

The point is when we hang in there and find the appropriate assistance and are able to accept this assistance, we can work through dissolving our ‘stuff’ and situations start to  improve. This is not to say we cannot get to the next desired stage on our own, it could be that we may have blindsided ourselves and another pair of eyes can give us the tools we require in order for change to occur. The try, try, try again doesn’t work when we are use the same moves in a game of solitaire and life can sure seem like we are being dealt some hands where there is no solution so it is not helpful to make the same moves (choices) again! Yesterday I was talking to a woman who felt that she had been trying so hard, seen so many different people and yet her healing journey seemed to be stuck. I identified she had an aspect that wasn’t willing to heal at all so it was no surprise all her efforts had not given her the results she wanted. What was required was her shifting that mindset so she could truly move forward from her past. Treating the problem the same way time after time is unlikely to get the desired result! It is no surprise she was really discouraged and had reached the stage of feeling there wasn’t any point in even thinking things could ever be different.

Disappointment will do that, don’t bother even thinking it could be different as you’ll simply get more disappointed when change remains elusive. Instead of wishing things were different, or hoping they could be, may I suggest you examine your ‘allow quotient’. In a Heart Metta Training session recently, a seasoned practitioner was surprised that her allow quotient for one issue was 0%!  This can be shifted and we can do that using Heart Metta. Once the allow quotient is at 100% it seems like the wheels of positive change are put in motion. I have so many examples I could share with you where this has happened and sometimes they  happened nothing short of a miracle. This is not about having fake optimism. It’s about being able to resonate with the frequency that good situations can find us as opposed to us having to ‘go get it.’  Are you allowing positive change to come to you? When I was tuning in to my Guides for insight for today’s blog this came for to me to share with all of you:

Do not give up on an idea simply because it  has not come to fruition yet. There is such a thing as Divine timing. Let go of the need,  do not let go of the aspiration. No need to hope for something because in hoping, there can be the energy of lack. Instead, check your allow quotient for limiting beliefs will get in the way of manifestation.”

On May 22 I will be hosting a Heart Metta playshop providing tools to get out of your own way. Save the date if you’d like to participate and please use the contact form to request more information.

When you can resonate 100% with ” I believe positive change is possible” magic begins.