Heart Metta™ is a modality that was founded in 2008 by Sandra Itenson Sweetman and is now practised in many countries all over the world. This technique is heart based and allows you to access deep emotions and beliefs which may be hidden from you which may be influencing not only how you think and feel: this inner frequency can also influence your outer environment. Many clients report that after a session they have had new positive events occur, sometimes even on the same day!

The real proof of the power of this technique is not from scientific laboratory experiments, rather it is from how this technique has worked with individuals. This is a universal healing tool that can be used for effective long-lasting change. When a negative event is experienced it may get stored at the cellular level and this may disrupt the energy system causing a variety of disturbances in energy flow leading to symptoms at all levels of being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Scientists are now explaining how emotions are actually stored in our cells as cellular consciousness.

Using Heart Metta™ you have the opportunity to clear out existing disturbances and recode your energy to become more in harmony with yourself and the world. Old hurts and traumas which were stored at the cellular level are dissolved, fears become a thing of the past and you are able to gain great insight into the existing situations of your life and move forward trusting your own decision making. This is an effective method to eliminate limiting beliefs that you may not even realize you had. Using this method you can access the original cause of a problem without having to relive it. Many times what can hold a person back is the inability to forgive and by using Heart Metta™ you also gain new understanding and are able to move forward free of past bitterness and hurt.

Some examples of how Heart Metta™ can be used are:

  • to move forward from an unhappy event or situation including severe trauma and loss.

  • to identify and clear blocks and limiting beliefs.

  • to heal deep rooted fears. 

By learning Heart Metta™ you can work at two levels: a) on yourself; and b) as a practitioner for your clients.

You can be free to be your authentic self and live a joy-filled life. In some cases Heart Metta™ has been the catalyst for people to discover their true selves, something that was buried deeply due to life’s challenges. You can really discover a brand new you, the original you!

There have been occasions where Sandra has shared this method with therapists and counsellors and in 2016 Sandra decided that it was time to certify other practitioners so more people can learn and use this method.

When you work on yourself you will be able to see shifts starting to happen. Working with a Heart Metta™ practitioner you will notice deeper shifts occurring more rapidly as when working with a practitioner there is the added bonus of heart coherence. One way to explain this is using the example of tuning a guitar. It is easier to tune a guitar using a tuning fork (and there are even apps now for this) instead of simply listening and guessing if the string is in tune. Working with a Heart Metta™ practitioner you have the added energy of resonating with the frequency of the practitioner who offers support much like a tuning fork does when tuning an instrument.Find out more about Heart Metta™ by signing up to receive the free ebook to get started on this journey.

As you become familiar with the process and wish to learn more, schedule a session with Sandra or contact a Heart Metta™ practitioner in your area.


Energy Recalibration: Heart Metta™ can be used for in many situations to adjust your vibrational frequency e.g. to prevent jet lag, as a clearing tool for people who are sensitive to the energy of other people or to destress from the demands of the day. 

Recovering from Trauma and Loss: A 29 year old woman came for sessions as she felt really stressed and had panic attacks. Her husband had died in a car crash and she could not get the picture out of her mind of the policeman ringing her doorbell to notify her about the accident. After one session she reported to me that that image had left. Another client had been unable to resolve the bitterness of her divorce even though it had happened over 20 years ago. Using Heart Metta™ she was able to resolve this and move on to a much happier life.

Gaining Insight: Many clients have come seeking guidance toward a more fulfilling life both personally and professionally. Heart Metta™ is a good tool to assist you to access your own inner guidance and gain insight into situations and gain to confidence to make decisions.

Conquering Fears and Phobias: A man in his thirties who was a lab technician came to see me as he had suddenly developed a fear of the sight of blood. This interfered with his work greatly since he was looking at blood samples all day at his job. When we went through the steps of Heart Metta™, he discovered there was a much deeper issue than his fear of blood. He unearthed an immense sadness that many years before, he and his siblings had advised his mother to have surgery even though she really did not want to have it. Her doctors had told her that her condition without surgery was life-threatening. She took his advice and agreed to the surgery and passed away during the operation. Using Heart Metta™ he was able to let of the need to blame himself for her death and forgive himself. After the session he felt relieved to be free of the guilt surrounding his mother’s death and later on he reported to me that his fear of the sight of blood was completely healed.