Equinox, Balance and Harmony
To those of you celebrating a Spring Equinox, and to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are heading into winter with an Autumn Equinox I send warm greetings!The Equinox […]
Selfish or Unselfish
I imagine that most of us would agree with thesaurus.com with regards to the synonyms for selfish in the above photo. When it comes to our own definition of what […]
Where is Home?
We are used to phrases like ‘Home is where your heart is’ and ‘Home is where you hang your hat’. For many people who have had a challenging time feeling […]
Making Friends with an Inner Rebel
Last week in one of our classes we discussed our intentions for this year and also talked about goals to assist our intentions to become reality.  I shared some of […]
Are you a person who celebrates Valentines Day or is it simply another commercial venture? It is fun to get chocolates and/or flowers or a gift any day of the […]
Lessons To Unlearn
In our latest Heart Metta Playshop ‘Welcoming 2022 and the Year of the Tiger', I was guided to ask the question - "when I say tiger what comes to mind?" […]
The Definition of Excitement
The other day my four year old grandson noticed there was a bump under my sleeve and he asked me what it was. I told him it was a tissue. […]
Embracing Change
A few days ago I asked my WhatsApp group what change they would like to embrace this year that they thought would be the most challenging for them. Several people […]
Message for 2022
2021 has been a year of stretching and growing and we have seen that in a multitude of ways.  For anyone used to sticking to a routine it has been […]