The Gift of Connection
  As I sit down to  write today, December 25th has passed, most gifts usually given at this time of year have been exchanged as whether people celebrate a traditional […]
Songs and Miracles
For the past two days a song sung by Annie Lennox has been going through my head all day long. I woke up with it and went to bed with […]
Full Moon and Call to Action
The last full moon of the year is December 19 and for the past few days I have heard from several people that they have felt more emotional or situations […]
Coincidence, Serendipity or …
Last week I hosted an event online via videoconference. I love these gatherings where we get to see people from so many countries. Our Heart Metta family is truly international! […]
Looking Forward
How does one keep positive when surrounded by negative news, alarming information and being unable to literally move forward without any restrictions? Perhaps restrictions were always in place and we […]
Divine Timing
If we were to ask people what the words Divine Timing mean to them I imagine we would get a variety of explanations. In Cantonese I have heard the worlds […]
the rainbow connection
Even such is time
When I was thirteen I learned a poem in school by Sir Walter Raleigh that became one of my favourites and back then I didn’t really know why. Today, as […]
Pro-peace or anti-war?
  These days we seem to have many situations which incite protestors and many challenges to surmount. I am not sure if they are more abundant or whether it is […]
Great Expectations
It may be easy to notice when we are pressured by others or when we feel stressed trying to live up to the expectations of others. Noticing the stress, becoming […]