Ease Into Being

Why Become a Member?

Being part of our community expands your network with like-minded people, giving you the opportunity to make connections all over the world. You’ll grow as a person as we all encourage each other to become the best version of ourselves. This Ease Into Being online community enables you to interact with people world-wide without the outer influences and advertisements on existing social media platforms.

Our members will inspire you and you will inspire others.

Why Do I Need to Pay to Become a Member?

The Ease Into Being online community prides itself on providing high quality and impactful information. A monthly fee of $7 USD will give you access to the platform and many channels within the community. It’s a small investment with a massive impact on your life!

Going to the next level of participation takes you to the Premium membership level.

Ease Into Being

What Do I Get for being a Premium Member?

In addition to all the resources at the Basic Level you have access to the monthly zoom events Thoughtful Thursdays and their replays. Each month additional resources are added to the library of webinar recordings, useful energy tips in pdf format and sound healing and energy essences. All premium members can also look forward to special rates for paid events with significant savings.

In order for a fair energy change and to sustainably offer this value, we ask for a $55 USD monthly membership fee ($550 annual) for Premium membership.