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Self-Care and Wellness – A SWEET perspective

If I were to ask a group of people what their idea of self- care was and whether they thought this was important, I imagine I would get all sorts of answers, some similar and some completely different. Sometimes we are in alignment and other times, in our efforts to assist others or in being over-achievers we may end up off track. I see some people who are running on empty energy-wise and they say to me, “but I look after myself, I buy myself anything I want, I have my spa days and I exercise even when I’m exhausted.”

There’s knowing and then there’s KNOWING…

As I sat down today to write my post for this week I realized that the two topics I had in mind were actually for some other time. Instead, my intuition pointed me in a different direction and since I have learned it is really wise to listen to it I find myself writing a post that has yet to have a title! I guess this is what they call ‘being in the flow. I have learned to listen to this inner voice. Sometimes my mind has overridden this intention and those were times where I discovered that listening to my intuition would have been more efficient if nothing else!

Lunar Eclipses and You

We are about to have our first lunar eclipse of this decade. I do not have an astrology background and I leave that to the astrologers to share their knowledge with you. I notice though that a lot of my plans seem to ‘coincide’ with astrology dates. I’ll have friends…