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Even such is time

the rainbow connection

When I was thirteen I learned a poem in school by Sir Walter Raleigh that became one of my favourites and back then I didn’t really know why. Today, as I sat down to think about what to share here, this poem into my mind. A lover of books I…

Worries and Concerns

There may be challenging moments in our lives where one would have to be a robot not to be worried. You may be given really scary news that could be really alarming. I’ve been there and somehow some part of me went “okay the outcome looks really dreadful and yet maybe it won’t be as bad as they say.” And sometimes, the outcome may be as unwanted as predicted. If anyone were to tell me nothing unwanted ever happens, in my opinion we must not be on the

Synchronicity, Serendipity, Universal Networking and Random Acts

I know people study game theory, people have jobs doing risk assessment, they review as much as possible carefully and make decisions based on their findings. I sense I have a different kind of ‘game theory’. Some of my loved ones call it my being ‘woo-woo’ (an upgrade from ‘whacko’ from previous years). I hesitate to give it any kind of label. What I am very comfortable with is listening to my intuition.

New moon, new beginnings…

Recently I broke an old pattern of procrastination. I am not sure when that old pattern was established; whenever I created it, I did a really good job! Often we go into our heads to analyze, dissect and cross-examine all the reasons why we do or omit to do something. I have discovered the best results occur and habits and patterns change when I ask myself this one question: “Does this attitude and behaviour serve me?” When we decide it no longer serves our best interests and our best interests matter it is a lot easier to shift to a new way of thinking and behaving. When we change our internal reality, our outside world changes too!