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Mama said…

Some of you may have heard of the song that starts with  ‘Mama said there’ll be days like this’ - it’s a real oldie (1961) and this morning as I sat down to write it popped into my mind. Hearing that in my head took me back to my pre-teen youth club days, now that’s really going back in time! I was having a good morning, lots of sunshine, all was bright and cheerful so I wondered why those words popped into my head. The song is about a person who is reminded by her mother not to

Synchronicity, Serendipity, Universal Networking and Random Acts

I know people study game theory, people have jobs doing risk assessment, they review as much as possible carefully and make decisions based on their findings. I sense I have a different kind of ‘game theory’. Some of my loved ones call it my being ‘woo-woo’ (an upgrade from ‘whacko’ from previous years). I hesitate to give it any kind of label. What I am very comfortable with is listening to my intuition.

What do you see?

What do you see in this photo – a pretty yellow flower with nutritious leaves for a salad or a weed? One person’s salad addition is another person’s weed. You could pick this out of the ground and enjoy it or be upset this flower is growing where you hadn’t intended. What is your daily attitude when life isn’t exactly the way you’d like? Is it energy enhancing or energy depleting?